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CBK Strategies

Strategic Communications, Crisis Management, Research and Public Affairs 

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Crisis Management/Crisis Communications

Crises happen. Caitlin has worked on responses to natural and man-made “disasters." Whether impacting corporations, individuals, public policies, they all share the need for a fast response that changes the conversation be it in public or in an organization. The best crisis management starts before there is a crisis. We review business plans and work to craft public engagement, reputation and media strategies to counter areas of vulnerability. When something happens rapid response, media monitoring, internal communications and engagement with influencers and media can lead to changing the narrative.

Research and Strategic Communications

We serve as an effective advocate to help you be thoughtful and strategic about where you want to go, be it with your own personal brand or policy idea. Using actionable research, we will help you create a plan and implement it to maximize impact with priority audiences. Strategic communications marries communications with inter-disciplinary knowledge and expertise. This includes leveraging legal training to apply a rigorous evaluation to all plans. And today, no communications or engagement plan without looking at traditional and social media. Together we will integrate social media into the overall plan rather than have it be an appendix to a traditional media plan.

Philanthropic, Strategic and Political Consulting

CBK Strategies draws upon development experience and work with foundations, high net worth/high profile individuals and the Clinton Global Initiative to provide a range of philanthropic consulting/social impact, management, strategic and political consulting and apply those skills to customized strategies for high net worth/high profile individuals, global influencers, private foundations and corporations. After understanding the interests and goals, we design and implement customized strategies to maximize impact, including identifying opportunities, exploring partnerships, vetting potential partners, and ensuring a complementary communications plan.

Business Development and Partnerships

Why help one person when together we can help 10? Why grow business 5% when there is another option to grow it 15%? These are basic questions. With the increasing popularity of public private partnerships and need to identify business development opportunities, we leverage the popularity and contributions of one entity to have greater impact. We maximize progress on an issue by identifying actors in the space and advise on how to avoid reinvention of the wheel by complementing existing efforts or partnering with other organizations. Our goal is to make your efforts more impactful and cost-effective.